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Our Expertise

Energy & Renewables


ROSNI provides renewable energy engineering and manufacturing. We have delivered custom products for energy projects for over 50 years. We design and develop custom pieces and provide manufacturing and assembly, both at the factory and in the field.

Renewable Energy Engineering Design

ROSNI provides specialty parts to hydro electric, solar and wind energy customers and OEMs. We work to fulfill your requirements providing design, tooling, machining, and assembly. Our quality systems guarantee a high level of quality under the strict application of our certifications.

  • Complex and/or custom components design
  • Assembly and maintenance tooling and fixtures

Renewable Energy Manufacturing

  • Heavy complex metallic parts
  • Custom components
  • Full assemblies and integration

Hydro Electric Assemblies

Key Customers: Endesa, Spain Hydro Electric, Obrascon

Taintor Gates
VAP Valves
Howell Valves

Solar Energy Assemblies

Key Customers: Andasol-1, Extrasol-1, Mancahsol-1, National Solar Energy Institute

Drive Pylons for Solar Trackers
Cantilever for Parabolic Cylinder Solar Panels
Pipes for Parabolic Cylinder Solar Plants