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Our Expertise

Industry & Marine


With decades of heavy industrial engineering and manufacturing experience, ROSNI has developed and implemented many solutions for numerous industrial applications. Our professional engineering staff ensures the accuracy of all components manufactured and assembled in our facility.

Industry today demands reliable, lighter, higher-strength and more complete fabricated structural sections. ROSNI can provide steel structure fabrication services for those components you require — meeting design requirements with precision. Our press brake forming capabilities allows us to form steel shapes accurately, and cost-effectively plus our high-precision laser cutting equipment provides for exacting tolerances.

Whether customers require high-strength carbon steel, stainless, or more exotic material, we can provide a turn-key solution by managing procurement, manufacturing, and validation processes.

Industrial Engineering Design

ROSNI provides specialty parts to industrial customers and OEMs in many different heavy industries.  We work to fulfill your requirements providing design, tooling, machining, assembly and surface treatment. Our quality systems guarantee a high level of quality under the strict application of our quality management systems.

  • Component and assembly design
  • Complete system designs

Manufacturing Industrial Components

  • Heavy complex metallic parts
  • Custom components
  • Full assemblies
  • Tooling
Air Extraction/ Aspiration System
Industrial Parts – Crane for Marine Ports
Winch for Pouring Concrete for Three Gorges Dam
50-ton False-work to Build Bridges and Viaducts