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Our Expertise



ROSNI aeronautics engineering and manufacturing professionals support the complete lifecycle for airborne craft parts — from design to production including manufacturing and maintenance of tools, jigs and fixtures. Our aeronautics engineering expertise and manufacturing experience make us highly competitive with first-line companies in the market.

Key customers: Airbus, Aerotecnic, AirGrup, Aernnova, European Space Agency

Aeronautics Design and Fabrication

ROSNI provides specialty parts to aerospace and aeronautics customers and OEMs. We work to fulfill your requirements by providing design, tooling, machining, and complete assemblies. Our quality systems guarantee a high level of quality under the strict application of our UNE EN-9100 certification.

Manufacturing Aeronautical Components

  • Heavy complex metallic parts
  • Custom components
  • Full assemblies
  • Tools and fixtures
Assembly Fixture for Ariane 5
Curing Tool for Section 19.1 of A-380
Parts Manufacturing
Tooling for Assembly of Fuselage Panels of A-350
Parts Manufacturing
Tooling for Transportation of A-320 HTP
Parts Manufacturing