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Mobile App Download Statistics & Usage Statistics

in app purchase statistics

Europe is an important region to watch for the next five years. As a result, user spending in Europe will reach $ 42 billion by 2025. Mobile apps can generate billions of dollars in revenue each year. However, there are only a few apps that manage to do this.

in app purchase statistics

Or, try offering additional benefits in return for a referral or social media share. A less expensive way to drive a large number of users to the app is App Store Optimization. If the app ranks well in the app stores, its downloads will experience a substantial increase, and the user base will expand. To supplement your reading, here is the ultimate guide to App Store Optimization for 2021. In-app purchases make mobile apps more enticing for users.

Discounts can be made for holidays, first in-app purchases, and more. Don’t limit yourself to one way to monetize your app. You can create a freemium model and at the same time connect to advertisements. The paid version is ad-free and has additional features. According to Sensor Tower, the App Store is expected to have the highest growth rates in Africa, North America, Australia, and Europe. These statistics show that if you are interested in iOS apps, you should consider these regions for your target audience.

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Not every app developer is happy about this idea, so some of them try to find ways to make the in-app purchase possible without a need to deal with app stores. How do you actually transfer the money in case with in-app purchase? It is very easy – all the payment information is already stored on the device, and a user just needs to add it to the app store in a checkout section.

In this way, you can prove that your product is worth their time and money. Implementing in-app purchases makes a developer’s job challenging as it requires extra coding efforts on the backend during mobile app development. While in-app purchases may seem very easy to use at first glance, they take many forms in a mobile app and are sometimes hard to implement. Basically, IAP or in-app purchases let app users buy various types of virtual elements within the app. These elements can be extra lives to keep playing a game, advanced features, or access to premium app content.

For comparison, social media apps generated 2% of the total revenue. Some of the leaders in the gaming market were Supercell, Niantic Inc., King, and Bandai Namco Entertainment. You probably know one of the King’s most popular games—Candy Crush Saga. Total app revenue will increase in the upcoming years.

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Businesses can also offer their app for free with ads and let users pay a fee for removing ads from the platform – another great way of using in-app purchases. For example, Spotify enables users to play music ad-free if they buy a premium version of the app. Offer an application for free and charge a fee for advanced services or premium app content. For example, Tinder lets its customers buy extra swipes in-app to boost the app experience. By offering the app for free and allowing users to purchase a wide range of digital add-ons within the app.

Once you buy them once, you don’t need to buy them again. For example, such features as disabling ads in the application and add-ons to games can be unlocked. Facebook is currently the market leader in the app industry. Meanwhile, if we look at the number of downloads, TikTok seems to be overtaking the social media giant’s title of the world’s number one app.

  • For this reason, advancing in the game has to be possible without purchasing anything as well.
  • To make the experience immersive, we added animations and video components on the main landing page.
  • Making your users angry you risk your app be deleted completely.
  • This signifies that in these markets, consumers use smartphones as their primary access point to the internet.
  • India witnessed the largest increase in app downloads for the same period – a jaw-dropping 165% jump.
  • App monetization, don’t doubt to prioritize consumables.

People have so many ways to buy online, yet they still choose to use smartphones at a high rate. People need to access maps and GPS services on the go, so a smartphone is obviously the best choice. Give users a reason to keep coming back and using your app down the road. But with that said, people aren’t using all of those apps. Research shows that there are 80+ apps installed on the average smartphone. Some of these categories need to be taken with a grain of salt. Those apps likely come pre-loaded on all Android devices.

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32% of mobile users check their apps at least once a day. Data show that people in the US also access their music and instant messaging apps on their phones 96% of the time too. Play Store boasts a 31% jump in downloads from 2019 to 2020. Simultaneously, the App Store has little to brag about, with a trifling 2.5% growth rate.

But in order to be successful in this space, two things need to happen. As of August 2021, there were 4.37 million apps published in the Apple App Store. According to Statista, there is one gaming app available on iOS for every 3.75 non-gaming apps.

Get a great insight in the most downloaded apps that contain Samsung In-App Purchase. For $250 you can buy a CSV file that can be imported into any spreadsheet or analysis tool. AppBrain analyzes Android apps and games on Google Play and finds the apps in app purchase statistics that contain Samsung In-App Purchase. We provide free statistics on which apps and games are using these libraries, and a full list of apps can be purchased for a small fee. There are some general best practices that go for all kinds of games.

We have also aggregated the worldwide Top Ad Network SDKs and other categories. 42% of apps of Japanese publishers are available on both Google Play and iTunes. Overall they put more effort in publishing on both stores, compared to the average publisher with 26%. Use our iOS to Android Matching API or Android to iOS Matching API to find the same app across stores. It’s your task to provide your users with a simple and easy way to switch off the possibility to purchase within the service. Designing a customer friendly platform is the right solution. In-app purchase content is presented, every tiny detail of it.

Users Are Projected To Spend $60 Billion On Google Play By 2023

As we already saw, Google Play Store downloads are still rising, even though the number of apps available for download had dropped a bit during that same period. Worldwide, there are more downloads coming from the Google Play Store. But as you can see, both stores saw an increase in the percentage of downloads from 2019 to 2020. But you don’t need to charge for downloads to make money with your app. This is encouraging news for app developers, app publishers, and anyone who plans on developing an app.

In 2018, global mobile app developers’ revenues amounted to over $365 billion. In 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than $935 billion in revenues via paid downloads, subscriptions, and in-app advertising. The top-grossing mobile app developers worldwide in January 2019 had over $40 million in-app revenues each.

in app purchase statistics

The Samsung In-App Purchase payment service makes it possible to sell virtual items, services, and subscriptions within the Android apps sold in Samsung Galaxy Apps. Many of the top dating apps also have high megabyte averages per user – signifying a continuing trend towards using photos and videos to communicate. As we mentioned earlier, most dating apps offer In-App purchases to unlock additional features like unlimited swipes, advanced filters, and super-likes.

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If a statistic is aggregated by a selected app, you must select an app in the table of the landing page before you can find the navigation links listed in the table. A. On an average, it can cost you about $25, which Google charges as a one-time registration fee. You must select the “Export Report” option for more statistics. It is at the bottom right of the respective category card. The number of obsolete apps removed by Google from the Play Store was nearly 7,00,000.

in app purchase statistics

Ideally, the offers should be completely personalized. For example, you can add the user’s name in the offer text, and even in the item name. Timing is a very important factor for successful in-app purchases. Your game’s IAPs should simply be worth buying and the player should clearly feel their benefits. For example, power-ups and upgrades are universal boosters that can be applied to almost every game. We’ve already mentioned the importance of characters in RPG games. When players start playing the game, they get a lot of free spins on the slot machine.

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The mobile app market will grow at a CAGR of 21% between 2021 and 2025. Overall, annual app downloads globally have grown 45% over the last three years and 6% from a year ago. This in-app purchase must be purchased each time when users download it. If users remove/uninstall an app, or install it on other smart devices, users can lose the purchases. Whether it’s Google Play or the iOS App Store, you can see multiple apps which users can download for free. But that does not mean it will not cost you anything. These so-called free apps have hidden charges, and that is exactly known as in-app purchases.

Be super polite and use the nicest language you are capable of. Speaking of customer satisfaction, kindness is your most powerful tool.

Including any kind of special offers will make in-app purchases more appealing. Data shows anything below $2 typically has a negative effect on the game’s ARPDAU. When it comes to more expensive items, they should always come with better value for money.

In-app advertising helps with keeping the product at a low price or free, but repetitive or ill-positioned ads have the power to ruin users’ experience with the app altogether. These include games, dating apps, productivity and project management apps, lifestyle apps, and many more. Different categories often use a wildly different mix of strategies and monetization models. Paid apps are expected to go down in the next years, giving way to the in-app advertising revenue model.

For example, nationwide lockdowns prompted many people to switch to downloading fitness apps. To illustrate it better, in 2020 alone, the global downloads of these sorts of apps went up by 46%. The total number of apps has grown to reach a tremendous figure of 8.93 million in 2021, mobile app stats show. Out of the total number, Android users could choose around 3.48 million apps.

The two biggest mobile application distribution platforms deliver quite different results in terms of revenue and downloads. Mobile apps are taking over – people spent more than 90% of their mobile time using applications. That’s what we ultimately found while gathering data across several statistics about the app industry. Moreover, if you offer discounts and promo codes for in-app purchases, you can increase user engagement.

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