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Engineering Design


Rosni leverages 50 years of engineering design experience to develop solutions that meet your unique project goals. We specialize in engineering designs that improve performance and ensure reliability.  Rosni engineers generate cost-effective solutions for diverse projects from tooling for parts in flight, hydro dams to bogies and engine repair for high-speed rail. We not only design parts and assemblies but also manufacture them –working with your team to ensure that both design standards and specifications are met. Our goal is to help your programs succeed.

Rosni design engineers can assist at any stage of a project:

  • Program exploration and definition
  • Concept design and simulation
  • Development and validation
  • Prototyping and qualification
  • Design for production
Design and Fabrication
Design and Fabrication
Design and Fabrication
Design and Fabrication
Our engineering team has a broad range of expertise and experience in mechanical design, metallurgy, testing and production —supported by a manufacturing facility capable of producing custom structures.


At ROSNI, we strive to produce high-quality products that meet customer goals within reasonable financial limits. Our designs consider initial production costs, maintenance and repair expenses, as well as operations and after sales support.


Today’s design engineering software reduces the use of solid models by using powerful 3D tools to create and test in a virtual environment. Digital prototyping helps ROSNI’s customers meet their launch, revenue, cost and quality targets.


Design and Control Technologies

  • Vericut
  • Mastercam